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The highest priority in rigging: safety

List of safety-related System Features/benefits:

  • Prodigy™ motorized hoists
  • Load brake innovation
  • Load cell technology
  • Slack Line Detector
  • Automatic self-test of safety functions
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards

Prodigy motorized hoists

Set your world in motion safely – moving your stage equipment up and down – without sending students, volunteers, or even professionals up and down on scaffolds, ladders and catwalks. Let Prodigy motorized hoists be the muscle that lifts and lowers unwieldy moving lights and other heavy gear. Reach new artistic and technical heights in your theater, school, houses of worship, public space — safely and effortlessly — moving the stage machinery, scenery, curtains, lighting, speakers, and even video screens for each production.

Load Brake innovation

Designed with safety foremost in mind, each Prodigy hoist comes with two brakes as standard — one mechanical, one electrical — for failure-proof redundant braking. ETC’s exclusive Prodigy mechanical Load Brake operates whether electrical power is available or not. Fundamental for safety and fail-safe backup, this innovative mechanical Load Brake is always engaged when stopped.

Load cell technology

Where safety is concerned, vigilance is critical. Incorporated into every ETC Rigging™ system is innovative load-cell technology with “load-profiling” to ensure that a stage hoist is lifting only what it should be lifting and nothing more. If the load changes unexpectedly, the hoist stops and the system reports the problem via the QuickTouch® control-screen display. No more students accidentally “taking rides” to the ceiling, no more torn stage curtains. Like a lifeguard on duty, ETC's load-cell technology is always watching over your stage rig.

Slack Line Detector

Pick up the slack — literally — and avoid harm, not just to people, but also equipment and scenery on stage, as well as the entire rigging system. Every Prodigy hoist is equipped with a Slack Line Detector that senses obstacles encountered while the batten is moving and shuts down the system if a lifting-line goes slack. Prodigy monitors itself: if there’s something wrong, the hoist stops moving. This great “self-control” means greater safety overall.

Control system with automatic safety self-testing

ETC Rigging’s QuickTouch® controls are designed with an emphasis on safety. They provide continuous load profiling by constantly diagnosing the hoists for overloading or slack-line conditions. The QuickTouch control also runs an automatic self-test of its safety functions at every system power-up and also performs an entire system safety check every 30 days. Each QuickTouch controller also includes a “local Emergency Stop control” for immediate emergency stopping with the touch of one button.

Meeting, exceeding and setting safety standards

Raising the bar on standards, ETC Rigging products and systems are subjected to the most rigorous factory and field testing. ETC Rigging is built to ESTA and ANSI (draft) standards, with Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listing pending. ETC Rigging is installed only by ETCP-certified and ETC factory-trained installers to ensure the safety and reliability of our powered-hoist systems.