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Rigging does not have to be a big-budget production.

ETC has rethought and redesigned hoist technology so that quality motorized rigging is affordable for any theater, school or other facility — whether soon to be built or already existing. At every stage, our innovative systems save money in building materials, packaging, shipping, labor and installation. The “budget referendum is passed” with ETC Rigging™.

ETC Rigging saves on new construction

ETC Rigging does not require the support of costly, heavy steel beams because it can be installed on the same bar or web joists specified for the rest of your structure. The innovative Prodigy Compression Tube is its own backbone, absorbing and dispersing the structural stress that would be generated by other rigging systems.

You don’t need to budget for and build costly catwalks or “loading galleries’. Prodigy motorized hoists literally bring stage equipment down to your level.

No special ceiling heights required. Prodigy (and the Cable Management System) neatly retract to 30 inches of compactness, making it possible and affordable for structures never designed for rigging to benefit from motorized hoist technology. Other-brand hoist systems require up to six feet of retraction space.

Lower labor and installation costs

Save your time and your theater’s money: ETC Rigging has been engineered down to the smartest details for simpler setup so that it requires fewer installers and fewer installation hours.

  1. At 1/2 the weight and 1/3 the length of other motorized hoists systems, Prodigy hoists are easier to handle and maneuver.
  2. The Prodigy hoist system is partially pre-assembled at the ETC factory, so that it requires fewer installation steps on site. For example, the Cable Management System arrives pre-wired and terminated, and the site electrician only has to connect the facility wiring to the system one time.
  3. Prodigy slide-out Loft Blocks and snap-in mounting brackets require fewer tools and fewer steps for installers.
  4. System power and data are carried over a single Cat-5 cable.

Lowered shipping costs and greener packaging

ETC Rigging’s uniquely compact system design means that up to four Prodigy Powerheads can fit on a standard pallet and can be lifted by a standard forklift, radically reducing packaging, shipping and delivery costs – and fitting within your tight theater or school budgets. Up to 30 Prodigy hoist systems can be loaded and shipped on a single 40-foot truck. We’ve even rethought the box it all comes in: ETC Rigging ships in economical and eco-friendly disposable crating that doesn’t have to be shipped all the way back to the factory for credit.

ETC Rigging saves on renovation

ETC Rigging's innovative design allows it to be installed into most buildings without altering or reinforcing the existing structure — keeping costs down and architecture intact.