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The Prodigy Powerhead — A core innovation of the ETC Rigging system.

Introducing...automated hoist systems by ETC

Why ETC Rigging?

As experts for almost 35 years in the stage world, with thousands of lighting installations worldwide, we have closely scrutinized the state of the art of rigging. ETC has developed this new range of rigging products with the same spirit of pioneering technological innovation that brought the industry the Source Four spotlights. Prodigy™ hoists and QuickTouch™ controls literally and figuratively raise the bar – setting new standards for safety, smarter design, and affordability.

But the technological innovation is just one part of our plan to serve this market. ETC is partnering with the most experienced and qualified rigging installers and supporting them with our unmatched project management, service and manufacturing to provide complete, safe and affordable rigging solutions.

And, as with all ETC products, we provide our industry-acclaimed 24/7 customer and technical support — just a phone call away.


Motorized hoists that effortlessly move equipment, staging and gear so you don’t have to.

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Ingenious breakthroughs in every aspect of design — from controls to hardware to engineering.

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More Affordable

Hoist technology and system innovations that bring costs down at every stage.

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