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Let ETC Prodigy Hoists
do the heavy lifting for you.

Prodigy is the safest, smartest and most affordable way to bring your stagecraft to your level with a motorized, intelligent hoist system. It’s motorized hoists lower and raise your rig (stage backdrops, curtains, lighting truss, projections screens, etc.) at a touch of a button, without costly risks or effort. Prodigy’s innovative mechanical design allows you to mount the right hoist anywhere: over-stage positions, the front-of-house location, even in low, restricted or retrofit theater ceilings. And the compact Prodigy was designed to disappear — quickly, quietly and neatly retracting out of view so it is never an eyesore or obstruction to performance sightlines.

ETC Prodigy hoists come in a range of models with different travel distances, batten lengths and circuits. All models have:

  • A fixed speed averaging 30fpm
  • Innovative mechanics and hardware
  • An optional handheld remote control — even with single-channel systems
  • Multiple E-Stop (Emergency Stop) buttons that can be custom ordered

Stage and FOH Electrics

Electrics Hoists are designed to handle and carry the load circuits via its unique Cable Management System.

Model *WLL Circuits Lengths
P650E 650lb up to 24 20’ to 46’
P1000E 1000lbs up to 36 20’ to 66’
P1500E 1500lbs up to 48 40’ to 66’
* Working Load Limit(WLL)

General Purpose Hoists

General purpose hoists raise and lower curtains and scenery pipe battens.

Model *WLL Circuits Lengths
P800G 800lbs None 20’ to 46’
P1300G 1300lbs None 20’ to 66’
P1900G 1900lbs None 40’ to 66’
* Working Load Limit(WLL)

Houselight Hoists

Houselight hoists are designed to accommodate the re-lamping and servicing of auditorium downlights and incorporate a simple but practical Cable Management System.

Model *WLL Circuits Lengths
P-HLT 250lbs up to 6 30’ to 70’
* Working Load Limit(WLL)